XIII Summer Series is over!!! Thank you to everyone who's showed love this summer!

All good things come to end. And our XIII Summer Series is no exception. 

This Sunday, we celebrate our very last Sunday at Muzik Beach party. We start at 9pm and we go til 4am since its TIFF. 

But before anything else, Id like to thank my team mates, Jason and Hadi. Although its been a helluva a roller coaster ride for the 3 of us, its ok. Nothing great comes easy and and easy things are boring. We've created a beautiful thing and an event that gave birth to a multitude of friendships and memories for our city. I am most certainly proud of us. 

Thank you to Z, Jenny, Sash and Oliver the staff and the beautiful ladies at Muzik for the amazing opportunity. Thanks for believing in us. 

Thank you to DJ Spoons, DJ Crunch and M-Rock for defining our sound and party. It wouldnt have been the same without y'all. 

Thank you to Angelique for holding down the door every week and dealing with all the headaches for us. 

Shouts to Chris Reign and Aran for eternalizing our summer through their photographs. And thank you to Christian Reyes for the good energy each week. 

Thank you to Shane Stirling for creating probably the most beautiful visuals Ive ever seen for any event. 

Shouts to my brother Fresh at 498 Queen St W as well for styling me every week.

Thank you to Drake and the OVO fam, The Weeknd and the XO and CP crew, P-Reign and Reps up, Justin Beiber, Lebron James, French Montana, Waka Flocka, Hit-Boy, Boi 1da, Amir Johnson, Tristan Thompson, Anthony Bennet, Steve Nash, Terrence Ross, Matt Kemp, Curtis Granderson, Brandon Jennings and Taraji Henson for coming through this summer. Of course thanks to Vintage Style Lab. 

And thank you to all our guests and supporters for coming each weekend and partying with us. We know most of yall had work Monday mornings so we thank you for going to work hung over and zombie like. lol. Its been an honor to do something this grand for y'all.

Special thanks to Lola, Mona and Get Janet as well. Y'all already know why. 

And just because XIII is coming to end doesnt mean there's nothing else on its way. But be patient. Y'all will find out soon enough. 

Cheers and Ill see y'all this Sunday night.