Toronto Auto Show 2013


Dan called me saying we were invited to an unveiling of the BMW i8. Well, he called me saying he was invited...and I was his plus 1. lol.

It was going to be on Tuesday morning at 830am! I already hate waking up early, but I hate getting up early even more now that Im a father. Benjamin doesnt like to sleep at night, which means I cant either. lol.

So Dan picks me up late...also because I woke up late. We wanted to see the car, we just hated being up so early. 

I got in the car and he made me drive. 

It was too early and we were both grumpy in the car and were just forcing conversation until we really woke up.

When we arrived we were escorted to the BMW booth where we were invited to have breakfast while we waited for the next presentation to start.

In my mind, I was expecting those big presentations where the CEO was on the stage talking about the car and everything thats lead to this moment. The curtains would open and the car would drive out, there would be smoke and a hot model chick would come out on stage and just stand beside it. We would clap and go ham taking pictures.  

That was not all. lol.

We were late so we missed the first presentation. The second batch was Dan, myself, an Asian couple and an Asian old man who was a car critic...and our presenter, although she was a very nice lady, was not a model chick at all, and her lips were probably so fake and new that I had no idea what the hell she was saying because I felt she was spitting so much. lol. Im not being mean, but if your lips are affecting the way you speak and your job is to speak...I dont know. Maybe we should reconsider a couple things. lol.

Just saying bro. lol.

Anyhow, the i8 was pretty cool, but I felt like it looked like the car was made at Ikea. It just looked to plasticky and toyish. Maybe it was the colorway. Ill wait for a black version or something that makes it look more aggressive. But I will say Im impressed with the design. Its also crazy to me that its going to be released early next year. I always felt like something that futuristic only existed in movies and Id never witness it on the road during my lifetime.

The rest of the Auto Show was whatever. Maybe I read Flipboard too much on my phone or Ive already seen all the pics from the Detroit Auto Show so I didnt get to be shocked by anything I saw. I wasnt really impressed or wowed by any of the cars except for the concept cars at the Lexus section. Those concepts are so bad ass! I cant wait. 

They didnt even really have a luxury car section...well they did, but there was only one of each car and it was in the smallest and worst lit room. I took the pics but I hated it so much Im not posting it. lol.

So dear Toronto Auto Show, get your shit together!

Maybe the show was pretty good. I dont know. It was 830am, Dan and I were hungry, sleepy, hot and didnt take our morning deuces before we left the house. lol.