Warning! Im hitting the gym and the track again! Im gonna be sexy soon...hopefully!


I know I know. 

Y'all dudes have been enjoying all the attention and love ever since I stopped working out regularly back in 2005. Its true. Ive been getting bigger and bigger, and uglier and more ogre like everyday since then. I know. I can see it in your faces when you havent seen me for a long time. 

But Im hitting the gym and Im hitting the track again. Im eating good and Im feeling good and oh yea...I WILL be looking good again. So enjoy the love. Enjoy the attention for now. Because once Im back in shape, the whole balance of the world around is going to go crazy. Relationships ending, jealousy raging, hormones flying and hearts breaking! Its that serious. Everyone thinks I stopped working out because I was lazy. It was actually to give y'all a chance at love!


Sigh. Only if anything of anything I said just now was true. lol. But I am hitting the gym again. Im running and eating better. To be honest, Ive been talking about getting in shape and eating better for years now. Every year I say "Im hitting the gym next week and Im gonna get my beach body on!" And then I go next week...and then never again. And then I hit the beach...and just cry in the bushes because everyone made fun of me swimming with a t-shirt on. lol. I might tell you that life is too busy and blah blah blah. But truth is, I was kind of lazy and didnt think I was THAT out of shape. 

And to be really honest, I might not have started running or eating better unless the Rachel and Jenna from the Running Room hit me up asking me to be their Digital Champion and running in the #TYS10k (Toronto Yonge Street 10k). At first I was like...why the hell did they ask me? Im in love with McNuggets, own a burger joint and I dont do anything active. lol. What they wanted me to do was to participate and promote the run, create awareness and inspire others to join.  

At first I was like...I dunno man. 10k is hella far. Im probably going to walk three quarters of that thing anyways. Am I really trying to embarrass myself? Well who cares. Lets just say yes anyways and see if I can inspire myself to get off my ass.

Once again, Ill be honest (shit, Im doing a lot of confessing in this post), I didnt think I was going to run. How would I have time to train? Im so busy with my newborn son, Gangster Burger, Forever Young Ink, getting my blog back up and resting. When would I have time for this? So for awhile, I just left the race at the back of my mind. 

As fatherhood went on for me, I found myself staying up late every night looking after Benjamin and trying to do work. I constantly found myself falling asleep and being too tired. I wanted to stay up and spend time with him, but I just didnt have the energy too. So I reconsidered the race. Besides getting to be called a "digital champion" (which I think is pretty damn cool) I wanted to be in better shape so I could spend time with my son without dozing off. I didnt want to miss all these precious moments because I was tired. I wanted to play with my son and be a father for him. 

I also wanted to be in shape for me and for the people around me. You cant do much for anyone else around you if you cant even look after yourself. So the next day, I laced up my black and yellow runners, with a pair of long johns that were too tight in all the wrong places, a pair oddly baggy black sweat pants, a white thermal shirt that was too short to tuck into my pants that made it really weird and uncomfortable for me, a really high collared grey hoody, and another loose fitting yet fitted navy hoody with a lower neckline under that...and then I hit the road. Obviously at night, because no one should ever witness a grown man running in such a ridiculous and strange outfit. lol. Why did I wear these clothes, because I refused to buy myself better equipment and gear until I knew I was really committed. Because trust me, I get excited about everything, spend shit loads of money on looking like a pro and then it just collects dust and I go back to being a cow. 

Anyhow, Ive been running pretty regularly ever since. My goal was to run every other day, its not easy to follow through considering the cold weather and my need to look after Benjamin and give my wife a rest. But Im doing pretty good. Im getting a lot of support from people who found out Im running in the TYS10k. I honestly didnt think I would have known so many participants. "Let me know when you want to run!" "Make sure to drink lots of water." etc etc. Its always easier to do something when you know you have all these people behind you pushing you so you dont give up. 

Ive lost 5 or 6lbs in the last few weeks and I feel a lot better. I know other people have lost more weight in less time, but I think this is pretty good for me so far. Im obviously not stopping here, but Im definitely proud of my progress so far.

The race is on April 21st. We start at Yonge and Eglinton and make our way all the way down to Bathurst and Lakeshore. I have to run amongst 8000 other people. lol. Lets just hope Im not last.

To Rachel and Jenna of the Running Room, thanks for asking me to participate even though I may have been the most unlikely person to do so. If it wasnt for you, Id still probably be sitting on my ass saying "Im going to hit the gym next week, gotta get my beach body ready!" And thank you to Julie for supporting me and her words of encouragement. Thanks to Bry and Lee for subtly doubting me in the beginning so I could prove them wrong. I caught the psychology!

Wish me luck!