Uno Art Show @ Brickworks


All day that day everyone was asking me if I was going to Uno.

I had no idea what anyone was talking about. By the end of the night, everyone I knew was going so I decided to check it out.

I was only expecting a small gallery, white walls, wine, cheese and crackers with some art up.

And then I found out it was at Brickworks. But I was like, Brickworks is huge, what kind of little art show can fill a place that big. Its probably in one of the conference rooms or something. 

And then I saw 400 ppl lining up outside trying to get in.


Luckily for the fellas and I we knew the organizers and skipped the entire line even though they were supposedly "at capacity".

Once we got inside, it was insane. The entire former brick factory had been turned into a giant art exhibit with dope art from both local and international painters, artists and photographers. Wall washers, benches, candles, industrial debris, a live DJ an probably 2000 pretty good looking and well dressed ppl.

After looking at the art on display for awhile, I noticed everything had a Mexican twist to it - day of the dead themed or it had a taco...

At first I was like...aha "Tacos, Mexicans, I get it." But then I seen a lotta tacos in the artwork and I was like...why the hell is everyone so obsessed with tacos? and then I found out the event was organized by La Carnita. A taco spot. 

Now this was long before I even thought about opening Gangster Burger, but I think thats such an amazing way to spend your marketing money. GB is still small now, but maybe one day we can do something kinda cool like this.

I dont know what happened after I left, but I hope it turned into a rave! lol. That shit looked like it would have been fun had it did. lol. 

Shout outs to Fresh, Lee, Mark, Rahmuhl, Bry, Bryan, Skam, Matt Barnes and La Carnita. Dope night. Too dope actually.

And below is some video coverage from the event.