Tyler Asselstine


A month or so ago, Lee had me swing by Tyler Asselstine's (12-0 7KO) media day at Sully's Boxing Gym. Lee has brought me to a few boxing gyms before, but nothing felt as authentic and 'real deal' as this. You can smell the sweat as soon as you open the front door...even though the gym is two flights of stairs above and down the hall away. You enter a relatively long hallway in the main foyer of the gym where there are just frames upon frames and posters upon posters of matches, boxers and champions on the wall, including Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard (both of whom trained there during their fights in Toronto). I felt like I was in Rocky or something walking in there. There was nothing luxurious about the gym. No showers. No air conditioning. Just a ring, some punching bags, trophies and a stinky carpet thats probably been there since the 60's. It just looks straight OG in there. Beside's the smell of old sweat, I think the place is pretty cool.  

Anyhow, the press and their cameras came out to see Tyler in action as he prepared for his debut on ESPN's Friday Night Fight main event that took place at the Bell Center in Montreal. He was originally scheduled to fight Joel Diaz Jr. from Los Angeles, but at last minute was replaced with Baha Laham from Montreal.

It would be an understatement to say the fight was a bit controversial and bias. Teddy Atlas, the commentator at ESPN and the online poll scored Tyler as the victor. But somehow Tyler lost. He was now 12-1. But you can hardly act surprised that Tyler lost, especially knowing that Montreal's boxing commission is well known for being shady and favoring hometown boxers. But lets not get into that. 

But dont worry about it Tyler, even Muhammad Ali wasn't flawless. It aint the records that make you legendary, its your heart. Its the fight inside of you. Good luck on your next fight with Olivier Lontchi.

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