Benjamin's Baby Shower

Julie & Will babyshower-22.jpg

The idea of throwing a party always sounds like a lotta fun. Or maybe its just the sound of the word "party" that makes us think its fun. But to actually throw a party is something else. Yea, Ive thrown a lot of parties throughout the years, so coordinating a baby shower couldnt be so bad right? I mean what do you need? A cake, some friends and some food?

Nope. You need a proper venue, catering, invitations and a guestlist thats within the venue's capacity restrictions, games, prizes, drinks, you have to bring in furniture, move furniture, buy decorations then decorate, order cakes, set up tables, you have to host, run around, keep things clean...and do all of this while smiling while trying to fight the urge to pass out from being overwhelmed and exhausted. lol. I mean, I aint complaining. Im just saying, a lot of work goes into something that looks relatively simple.

Although baby showers are traditionally meant for the women and her girlfriends, I wanted to help out a little bit too. Even though Julie insisted on planning it herself because she didnt want to bug her girls, we all know how crazy things can get for pregnant women. 

And instead of having a girls only baby shower, we just had one big shin dig so we didnt have to go through the insanity of throwing a second party. lol.

Luckily for me, I have some friends who are in real estate. They found me the party room at the "Gotham Tower" in Mississauga. Its not really called the Gotham Towers, but I call it that because it has gargoyles on the balconies and it reminds me of Batman.

Honestly, the venue was beautiful. It probably had like 30-35ft ceilings, with floor to ceiling windows. Tons of space, luxurious furniture and an amazing overhead view of Mississauga from the 38th floor. And it barely cost us anything to rent it for the day.  

I must say, Im really proud of the production that Julie and I, our parents and friends put together. I wish Benjamin could have seen how amazing it looked. 

But aside from the party planning, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was able to attend. Julie and I have been blessed to have you in our lives and we're even more blessed to have you in Benjamin's life as well.

It made us so happy to see so many old and new friends in one place. Seeing all those people there sure made us feel loved, and it reminded us of the support system we have around us. This whole village (of friends and family) will all contribute in the raising of our child.  

So thank you to everyone for coming, for the gifts, for the friendships, love and support.   We could never thank you enough. We'll see y'all again at the next baby shower in 2 years!!! lol.