Toronto Underground Market @ Brickworks


Yesterday was Julie and I's three year anniversary and instead of just going for a romantic dinner like we always do, we decided to do something different this year.

The first half of the day was spent at the Elmwood Spa where we relaxed with some smoothies, water therapy and some stress relieving massages. I love massages and spas but sometimes I forget how many tattoos I have whenever I go to places like this. lol.

The second half of our day was spent at TUM, the Toronto Underground Market. Its a monthly food festival, so to speak where all sorts of different restaurants and cuisines have booths and sell their goodies anywhere from $5-$7 and drinks (alcoholic) are $20 for 4, which is damn good deal.

Beyond the fact that there could be a common space for restaurants to set up shop and promote their businesses, I really love the type of people it draws. This is my first TUM and Im sure Im just late with jumping on the bandwagon, but it makes me really happy to see young and cool people going out to enjoy these types of things. It might just be food, but its the culture that comes along with these events that I love so much. 

I dont know who runs this thing, but Im sure glad you're doing this. Its things like this that make our city special. So thank you and I wish you all the best of luck with this thing and I hope it gets bigger and bigger. 

And to anyone who hasnt attended a TUM event yet, make sure to do so, especially when it gets warmer in the spring/ summer.

For more info and tickets, visit And make sure to buy your tickets online early, because apparently, it always sells out!