The Louvre, Paris.


Ah. The Louvre.

I remember staring at pictures of this place years ago. But I never thought I'd ever see it in real life.

I used to date this girl who was absolutely in love with France. If it was French she loved it. Simple. She used to always tell me about the Louvre and all sorts of interesting architectural info.

At the time I didnt get what the big deal was. I figured if I had already gone to Montreal and they speak French there and French people built Montreal too, than whats the big deal about France. Aint they the same folk?

Oh how ignant I was. lol.

We broke up years ago, but I still subconsciously relate France to her. The whole time I was in there, I kept looking for reasons why anyone would be so fascinated by this country, particularly Paris, and even more particularly, the Louvre.

Well, Ill admit that it didnt take much to see all the magic in this place. Super high ceilings, gold crown mouldings and hardware, tall double doors, beautiful paintings of gods, angels and scenery, the marble floors...everything was just built to look really epic, luxurious and grand. I felt so tiny in that place. 

I love the ROM, but the ROM aint got shit on this. The Louvre is one of the world's largest museums and is the most visited museum in the world.

If y'all ever get a chance to go to Paris, make sure to check it out, you probably wont finish it, but just take it in. It'll feel like a trip back in time.

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