The Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

I guess seeing Rihanna posting pics on Instagram from the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi encouraged me to repost this, especially since the last incarnation of my blog that had this original post has been deleted. 

I remember coming here the first time and being absolutely amazed. Never mind mosques, this was one of the most beautiful and serene pieces of architectures I had ever seen. The entire structure is made of white marble or stones of sorts. On a sunny day, without sunglasses on, you can't even see because it's so bright. And all the giant chandeliers inside are built with Swarovski crystals. Just over the top. This is one ballin' ass religion. lol

Men have to be in full length pants and women have to be covered in abayas. You can't wear any shoes inside the actual structure. Barefoot on cool marble aint a bad thing when you're in the middle of the desert. lol

I've been an atheist for awhile but being in a place of this magnitude might convert you. Even if it's just to claim this mosque as a part of you.  

If you ever visit Dubai, take that 2 hour drive to Abu Dhabi just to see this thing.  

Man...I really miss Dubai now. As always shouts to my brothers from another mother, Dan and Fresh.