the first ever Gangster Burger tasting


As some of you may know, we took over the shwarma spot (that is now Gangster Burger) without a concept or a menu. We just know we wanted to do burgers. A few weeks later we decided we would call it Gangster Burger. And a few weeks later, we started tasting the menu. A few weeks after that, we started demolition and construction. 

At the time, we were deciding between who our executive chef would be. The one who would create the menu and ish. Because although Lee and I wanted to open a burger joint, aint none of know a damn thing about burgers, food or cooking. 

Adrian beat his competition through persistence. Adrian spent a lot of time creating and tweaking the menu. Im telling you, Lee and I were eating several burgers a week for like 2 months! Lee didnt see to gain too much weight from it, but my sorry ass was looking real sad in the mirror. lol. Every time he changed a topping, the buns, the recipe for the patties, decided on a new cheese, a new sauce, fry seasoning etc. we had to try another burger. lol. 

The rooftop tasting was the first time Adrian cooked for us. The only thing that stayed from this was the Capone, well thats also partially due to the fact that Adrian just choose random gangsters. It was before we sat down and decided who we wanted to pay tribute to. 

I cant believe that these were pics were from last July. Its crazy to see how much has changed at Gangster Burger since then.

To everyone who's been supporting us by visiting, tweeting, instagramming, passing the word along or whatever else, thank you so much. We're just a few young men trying to follow our dreams and doing what makes us happy. So sincerely, on behalf Lee, Adrian, the Gangster Burger staff and myself, thank y'all. 

Gangster Burger

607 Queen St W, Toronto

647 352 3375