Sam Vargas

I've known Sam for maybe 4 years now mostly through the tattoo shops we frequent. I honestly sometimes forget what Sam does for a living or who he is to the world because I just think of him as a good friend. Then Ill attend a fight where he's the main card and realize the stadium is filled with thousands of people who are there to cheer him on. That's the Sam I often forget, but the Sam most people remember. 

Sam Vargas is a 24 old native of Bogota, Colombia who holds a perfect record of 12-0 with 6 knock outs and 2 Canadian belts in 2 different weight classes (welterweight and super welterweight). Call that his gift and his curse. If you think its hard to attain and maintain all his victories and accolades, try finding Sam an opponent that's willing to fight him.  

The primary reason for the long waits between Sam's matches is simply that no one wants to fight him. If you've seen Sam fight through his career, you'll understand what Im talking about. He's never been knocked out and knocked down only once. He's gotten up from blows that would be considered career ending and won. He fought through 10 rounds with a completely torn ACL. But hey, if I was boxer and I found out I had to fight Sam, I'd call in sick too or just break something to avoid the embarrassment too.  

But I've always imagined, what is it like to walk out in a hooded robe through a crowd of cheering fans, to a bad ass track and into a ring where you'll have to fight for your life. You might not die in a boxing ring, but you can either win, change your life, get sponsors, more money and live your dreams out. That's fighting for the life. Or you can either lose and end your career from a severe injury or you can be beat down emotionally from the loss and just quit everything. That's definitely fighting for your life. In boxing, its all or nothing. 

Aside from owning Forever Young Ink and being my partner at Gangster Burger, Lee also manages Sam, alongside Tyler Asselstine. The more time I spend with Lee, Sam and Tyler, the more I've come to respect and appreciate the sport of boxing. I've learned how hard they train and the issues they go through just to get a fight and make that dollar.  

Boxing is much more than two men beating each other in a ring. Its a prestigious sport that's as old as time. They're warriors with hearts that know no fear. Some people say they spilt blood, sweat and tears to live the life they live, but only a boxer means that. Everyday.  

Shouts to my homie, Sam Vargas. Congratulations to all you've achieved thus far. I know there's so much more waiting for you. Being new to fatherhood, I can appreciate your struggle a little more. And I'm sure your son is proud of you and will wear the "My dad can beat up your dad" shirt proudly!

Make sure y'all follow Sam on Instagram at @samuel13vargas