Rich Kidd's Concert for In My Opinion and Dan's Goodbye to Dubai Shindig @ Wrongbar

First and foremost, shout outs to our homie, Rich Kidd on another successful show. As much as Toronto might be known as the Screwface Capital, the people who come out to show love serve as a beautiful reminder of how much our city has grown in the past few years. Maybe its time we stop hating each other and holding ourselves back. Maybe we can start to finally support each other so we can build a stronger, tighter knit social fabric that we can all benefit from. Hey man, you dont win a basketball game by hogging the ball for all 48 mins...unless you're Kobe. Toronto is one hard market to get love from, but when you get it, it comes from some of the best we got. 

Shout out to the Airplane Boys, Raz Fresco, Soze, Wristpect, Lance and especially to my the very first person who ever put me on, Addy. If there's anyone that deserves the love of this city, its Addy. And if you know Addy, you know what I mean. 

And of course, the other reason we were at Wrongbar that night was to celebrate my homie Dan's goodbye to Dubai. Shout outs to my brother Dan, we're all going to miss you while you're gone homie. Ill see you in a few months, but if I can stack some bread in the next bit, then Ill see you in a few weeks. And shouts to Fresh, Julie, Nikki, Jarrell, Brandon, Sheldon, Josh, Lucho, Chico, Lissa Monet, Karla, Sid, Chanelle, Meghan, Allie, Sophia, Ali and everyone else who was partying with us. And of course shouts to Derek on the dope photos and to Tse as well. And lastly, shouts to Aaron of Birth of Heroes for the dope ass crew neck.