RBW F/W 13 Launch Event @ Get Fresh Company w/ Hennessy

I was so busy running Gangster Burger and Forever Young Ink all day that I only caught the tail end of this past Saturday's Raised by Wolves F/W 2013 launch party which was also sponsored by Hennessy.  

There are tons of brands that pop up in this country everyday, but there are very few I actually co-sign. Legends League is definitely one of them, Sons of Odin, Birth of Heroes, LITL and of course, Raised by Wolves. 

To me, these are the brands that are producing at international quality levels or they're on their way to it. The coolest street wear brands don't have to be from New York or LA no more. We got this too. Don't believe us just watch. 

I fucks with it. If you haven't seen the new Raised by Wolves collection or the quality they're producing at, make sure you come by the shop, say waddup to my brother Fresh and check it out. You'll be impressed.  

Born in Montreal, Raised by Wolves. 

Shouts to Chris Powling and the good people at the house of LVMH for the Hennessy and support. As always, its greatly appreciated.  

And on behalf of the Fresh and the crew at Get Fresh, thank you to everyone who came by to kick it, chill, drink and check out the collection with us. Love.