Behind the Scenes - Massari "Shisha" Videoshoot

I know I've been loafting on this post, but here it is.  

There was a time in my career where I was on set at least once a week. But once I retired, I really retired. 

If anyone knows me or about the growth of my career, they know that my CP family played a big role in it. So when Manny and Sal call me, it's always good to go. 

I actually took something like 5000 pics while I was on set, but somehow I lost a bunch of photos and only found 500. So here are a few of the best of them.  

And if you haven't seen the video or bought the single yet, get to it. Shouts to my brother Massari! Of course shouts to the rest of the CP team, Salem of ReMix, Kevin of Vintage Style Labs and Emile of Desvall Shisha.  

And last but not least, shouts to Director RT! You know what it is.