Pumpkin Patch Kid

One thing that I really love about Julie is how much she loves being a caregiver, a lover and a mother. She cares a lot about family life and she cares a lot about Benjamin and I.  

Shes always thinking of what to cook for us, where to go on our family days, what we need to buy and stack up on.  

I've been really busy lately with a few projects but she made it a point for us to take Benjamin to a pumpkin patch before Halloween. So that's exactly what we did yesterday. We drove all the way out to what felt like the end of the world (Markham), to some pumpkin farm land only to find out that it was closed. lol.

Julie was pretty bummed but I wasn't having it. I didn't drive this far to not take pics with my son and pumpkins! So I pulled over onto the muddy grass and carried my son to the pumpkins.

Usually I don't mess around on farmlands, we know what kinda crazy shit happens on farms. We all listen to the news and watch horror movies. But I just wasn't having it. My boy was going to have a pumpkin! 

So we ran in and took a bunch of pics and when a giant gust of wind came, Julie said we had to get back to the car before he got sick, so she grabbed him and ran to the car. I was so busy trying to find solid dirt as a opposed to mushy mud to run on to not ruin my shoes that I totally forgot to tief a pumpkin before getting back in the car.  

lol. Aw well. At least my son has memories of doing fun stuff with his parents.