Im ready to move to LA...

The more the weather is inconsistent in Toronto, the more I want to move to LA. Consistent weather, palm trees, the beach, warm weather...allodat! I need that! 

Sometime's I think about moving out there and rebuilding everything I have here out in LA. Its not impossible. I have the people and the links to do so, but I wonder if I will have the same satisfaction of succeeding elsewhere through abandoning home. I almost feel a slight sense of disloyalty.  

But sometimes, you just got to do what you got to do. Here, there, now, later, whatever. Everyone has their own path. Sometimes you have to build your foundations in your own soil before you go exploring in other terrains. And sometimes, certain climates are more suitable for your intentions. 

I dont know what my scenario is, but I just know Im tired of seeing LA every now and then, or in movies, or in my mind. I want to wake up to it everyday. No more winterjackets. No more getting ploughed in. No more shoveling, or salt all over your car. No more short summers. Just paradise. 

Thats my goal. Whether it makes sense for me to ever live there based on what I have going here on is whatever. I have a lot of uprooting to do if I leave. I won't lie, I think about it all the time. 

Who wouldnt want to live in a place where everyone vacations or dreams of right? 

Time will tell I guess.