My Surprise 28th Birthday Dinner at La Carnita

One thing I'm really bad at is suspecting someone throwing a surprise birthday party for me. I think Im 0 for 4. 

When I dont need to be in detective mode Im just not in detective mode. I usually forget my birthday myself, so I subconsciously assume that everyone forgets as well.  

Julie was good, she was like "I made dinner plans for just us tonight at La Carnita." So I'm like dope, I been dying to go there and I havent yet. And she had everyone call me during the day asking if I had plans for my actual birthday and if I wanted to go out for drinks and stuff tomorrow. And I was like sure. 

And then I show up at La Carnita and I'm like..."Hey, everyone at that table looks familiar. Hey, what are they doing here? Is this place THAT popping?"  

Dumbass me, didnt even realize it was a surprise until they all jumped up and were like "surprise! happy birthday!" lol.  

I suck.  

I've always thought that the older you get, the less friends you or the less that people care about you. 

But Ive come to realize that thats not it. We all grow up. We all change. We all have the same starting point, but time filters out some of these people and then takes us down different paths. Only some people are meant to take that journey with us. To everyone who has been on this adventure with me at some point in the past 28 years, thank you for all you've done for me and to me. I am who I am because you were who you were to me. 

So to whoever thats left on this adventure with me and to whoever else thats about to join, thank you. Sincerely. 

Thank you to Fresh, Addy, Judy, Mike, Jimmy, Jesse, Danny, Khanh, Linda, Anthony and Nu for coming out and celebrating my 28th birthday with me. Shouts to Parisa for the beautiful and delicious cake! It was so cool to see my photo on a cake! And of course, thanks to my wife for always trying to do these cute things that make me feel special. lol. Even though I forget my birthday, Im glad other people remember. lol.  

Also, thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. I feel very honored and blessed to have y'all in my life in some shape or form. 

And shouts to Sasha, Aldo and the La Carnita staff for the excellent service and for contributing to the memory. 

Peace and Love. 

T's and O's.