my first visit to the Playboy Mansion


I dont even know how to start this post. lol.

Like where do I begin type of thing?

Without saying, visiting the Playboy Mansion is every young boy's childhood andddd manhood dream. I mean, how could it not be? lol

I remember hearing about Diddy throwing parties there, I remember that Fresh Prince episode, the episode of Entourage and a million other references and appearances in popular culture...and then to find myself there? I couldnt even believe it myself.

The boys and I (Addy, Rich Kidd, Arthur McArthur, Fresh, Mac, Fellz and Bryan) got invited by Boi 1da, T-Minus and Ken Masters to attend their Pre-Grammy party at the mansion. I cant lie, I was pretty excited when I found it they invited me but I didnt want to psych myself out in case I didnt get in for some odd reason.

It was Saturday night.

We left our hotel in downtown and LA and drove ourselves out to Beverly Hills. Parked up in a lot beside the Beverly Hilton (which was coincidentally where Whitney died just a few hours earlier) and walked towards the table where the guest list was to get our wristbands. From there we had to wait for a shuttle bus that would take us to the mansion, since there was no parking at all on the street.

It was kinda crazy. On one hand it was like "Woohoo, we're going to the mansion." And on the other hand it was like "Yo...Whitney died right there." but then it was like "But damn! We're going to the mansion." Sounds super awful of me to say, but that was how strange our emotions were while standing in line waiting for that shuttle bus.

We get on the bus, theres like 9 of us on the bus all together and 2 random chicks that got on the bus with us since there as still room. Of course all the guys are friending the girls are up on the ride to the mansion. I remember when we got to the was as if I was entering the golden gates of heaven or some shit. lol

We drove out a little driveway and got to the main doors of the house where that familiar fountain was.

We got off the bus said..."Okay...okay....Oh fuckin kay!"


Of course in the midst of us saying this, the two girls on the bus with us got off and one of them was like "Omg! I just saw your koochie! Are you not wearing any panties!" and of course she responded with

"Whattt?" We chuckled silently and they wandered off and we never seen them again. 

I didnt mention it yet, but we came looking proper. Suits, shiny shoes, necklaces, bracelets and sunglasses. I wont even lie, we looked like money. lol.

We were escorted to the back of the house where there was a giant tent set up and loud music playing. We walked bar and a crap load of people looking all fancy and beautiful. I saw Paris Hilton for a quick second (not that shes that much of a big deal) and I think I seen Lindsay Lohan...I wont even front, I could barely see with them dark ass brown tints on my sunglasses. lol.

I remember standing in line at the bar trying to get a drink and women just hitting on us. I guess because it was such a prestigious venue and it being invite only, everyone assumed everyone was a someone. lol. Women were coming up to us, just being all friendly and excited. I have a girl, so I had no intentions with any of these women, but I wont lie, the attention was flattering. It was a hell of an ego boost thats for sure.

After taking a couple of drinks, saying a couple toasts to ourselves, wandering inside the main tent, we took a stroll outside to the rest of the area that available to us. Outside had a giant bar that was full of complimentary appetizers and foods. I really wanted to eat some food, but since the guys were acting too cool to eat, I decided it against it to. With my luck, I would have been the only one walking around with a food stain on my suit. lol.

And right beside the bar of food...there it was.

The infamous grotto.

I had to take off my glasses and just really take it in...that grotto is legendary. I wanted to jump in there so bad...not for any particular reason, but I wanted to jump in to just say 'fuck yea, Ive swam in the grotto. And what?" lol.

The rest of the night was spent chillin, crackin jokes, drinking and just having fun. We lost eachother a couple of times and some of the others wandered into the actual mansion even though it was prohibited and off limits. We walked past washrooms where random guys and girls were running into together to do the mmmhmmm, people taking off their clothes and jumping into the Shit was kinda wild and hectic still. lol.

The only things that I wish were different was that I wish we were allowed to be inside the mansion. I really wanted to see it, and then I wish there were playboy bunnies walking around. Although it was the mansion, I didnt really feel like it was the mansion. It felt more like a venue to me that happened to coincidentally be on the mansion grounds. Dont get me wrong, it was still an amazing experience and definitely one for the books, it just didnt feel complete is all. But Im still grateful nonetheless. I can still die happy. lol.

Everyone's been asking me "so yo, did you take any pics at the mansion?!"

The answer is no. I didnt even bring my camera. I didnt wanna feel like paparazzi, I didnt want to feel like a tourist but most importantly, I didnt want to feel like it was my first time there or as if it might be my last time there. I believe in maintaining achievements and being invited to the mansion is something that I definitely considered an achievement.

Shout outs to the boys, Fresh, Addy, Rich Kidd, Arthur McArthus, Mac, Fellz and Bryan...the experience just wouldnt have been the same without y'all. And of course a special shout outs to Boi 1da, T-Minus and Ken Masters for the invite. Shit just got real.