Miami for Chris' 29th Birthday Bash!

Sometimes it takes forever for Julie and I to leave the house with Benjamin. Well I think its all the time actually. He suddenly gets hungry, needs a diaper change, pee's on himself, needs to change his outfit again etc. Julie and I are always late and always in a bit of a frantic rush. 

So Im thinking, damn, waking up on time, getting out of the house, getting to the airport, checking in, customs, security check, 3 hr flight and we'll probably have to sit beside someone that will be annoyed, will probably have to feed him and change his diapers during the flight, I hope he doesn't fart that mustard gas while Im changing his diaper and have ppl through up, I hope he doesn't pee when I open his diaper and piss on the person beside us, I gotta land, get off the plane, get our luggage, get the car rental, drive to the hotel...Thats a long ass 8-10 hrs! I ain't complaining by any means, I just had to be mentally and physically prepared is all. No one wants to be the parent of the crazy crying baby on a plane. lol. 

But everything actually works out perfectly. He slept through the car ride to the airport (shout outs to Fresh by the way), sleeps through the entire check in process. We get line bypass through everything since we have a baby. We end up sitting in a row where we have a seat vacant which came in handy for diaper changing. He didn't cry on the flight, he yelled at people who said hi to him, but no crying. He was well behaved and just curious more than anything.

It was such a relief. Julie and I are so blessed to have a child like him who doesn't cause too much trouble...well not yet anyways. 

We left the house at 830am and didn't get to the Mondrian Hotel until 630pm. We checked in, got settled and within the next hour, there was a car service in the lobby waiting to pick us up and take us to the Miami Heat vs New York Knicks game (shouts to Chris and Adrienne for that one). And to my surprise, Levi Maestro was in the ride as well. I didnt bring my camera to the game, or to the dinner we had afterwards, but they should be on Instagram. 

The Heat didnt win the game, but honestly, the vibe and energy at the Heat games beats Toronto's any day. I ain't trying to hate on my hometown, but its a lot different when you're cheering for a team that usually wins as opposed to being upset because you've given up hope and you're just stressed for your team the whole game. But regardless of the outcome, we had a huge dinner after the game at Zuma. And on the real, everyone needs to try the corn there! It's got truffle oil on it and some spices that I've never ever had on corn before. And the steak is damn delicious too. You'd probably expect me to say this, but Im so happy to see so many high end Asian inspired cuisine restaurants (that makes sense right). I'm always happy to see people enjoying part of the culture that raised me.  

Anyhow, the next day we woke up and went downstairs to the outdoor patio of the Mondrian and had breakfast there. And just so you know, waffles over pancakes any day for me...I'm actually not sure why you would ever need to know that, but now you do. Do you know how good it feels to be able to have breakfast on a patio knowing its snowing in Toronto? lol. I took my time with that meal and savored it.  

After breakfast, we went upstairs, got changed and headed back down to hit the pool. 

We took Benjamin for a swim. He was kind of scared and shocked at first, but he ended up loving it. As long as you hold on to them and don't let them feel like they're falling, they're fine. And not that I care because Im happily in love, but whoever said baby's are chick magnets aren't lying. lol. I mean, I wasn't testing it out, but its a guy myth you hear growing up, you know? Two things always get the ladies - puppies and babies. lol. So far, it's 2 for 2. But don't worry babe, I love you and all them cows at the pool were hideous. They ain't got shit on you!

After the swim, we hurried back upstairs, got changed and headed over to Chris and Adrienne's (Bosh) crib where we all got ready and left to Chris' 29th Birthday Party together. 

Chris and Adrienne came in on a helicopter, hopped onto a boat, docked at the pier and strolled in super casual cool. I rate that guys. Bruce Wayne swag. I dig. Fire dancers, hookah, camels, open bar, Remy V, a delicious buffet, belly dancers, the Heat, performances from Lebron and Wade on stage, Gary Owens and Deray doing stand up and ripping up everyone in the audience and a surprise performance from Kendrick Lamar...who could ask for more on their birthday?

And believe it or not, the venue is regularly just an empty space. They decorated the venue from top to bottom! I didn't bring my camera to the party, so all these pics are courtesy of the amazing April Belle and her team. Shouts to them.

The next day, Julie, Benjamin and I woke up early to head out to Ocean Drive for lunch. It was our last day so we were trying to enjoy it before we were back in the cold weather. We had a big lunch at Carlyle's, headed over to Chris and Adrienne's, had dinner with Maestro at Lario's (Gloria Estefan's Cuban restaurant) and then went back to the telly and just relaxed. 

I love being out in Miami. The vibe, the trees, the streets, the people, the beach, the pools and the luxury. I love it all. 3 days wasn't long enough, but it's never enough. It's a small place, but I feel like there's so much to do and so much good food to eat. lol.

As always, on behalf of Julie, Benjamin and I, I just want to thank Chris, Adrienne and Geno for everything they've done. I can never thank you guys enough. We had a blast as always. Thank you to Maestro, Kim, Orit, April, Todd, Joel, Tamia, Sharon, Mislima, Sarah, Julie, Fitz and Netty as well! We'll see y'all soon.