DJ Tilt used to always have me booked as his photographer whenever he had a gig out of town. Bahamas, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Vancouver...wherever. If Tilt was booked, so was I. 

I remember driving up the PCH and just staring at all the houses and dreaming of living in them one day...or at least just being inside of one for a few minutes. It was so cool to see all the houses stacked one on top of the other. It kind of reminded me of Brazil...except these were less congested and they were mansions instead of favelas.

House in the hills right off a scenic highway and sunsets over beaches and oceans...what else can you ask for in this life time right?

Seeing places like this is so inspiring and motivating. Yea, hard work can buy you a nice jacket and some designer shoes. But if you work even harder you have a house built of dreams. A beautiful place to raise your family and grow old in. Set no limits in your goals, because there are no limits when it comes to your rewards either. 

Ill see you soon Malibu.