Triple Date Lunch @ Playa Cabana

Julie, Bev and Sandrine planned a triple date lunch today at Playa Cabana. 

You know movies always make double/ triple dating with your girl's girls such a bad experience for guys because guys by nature are usually douche bags and we usually have ego's too big to sit in a room (never mind a table) with any other male except our own homies. lol. We're always in a pissing contest. *shrugs 

But I'm lucky to have a girl who is lucky to girls who are lucky to have good men in their lives. Thankfully, I've never had to contemplate jumping off a bridge during our double/triple dates. Shout outs to Jonny and Wes for being genuinely cool dudes. I know I don't ever tell you guy, but I have a lot of respect and appreciation for you guys. I'm glad we're friends and hopefully you've never had to contemplate jumping off a bridge when I've been around either. lol.  

Anyhow, we met up at Playa Cabana, a really nice low key Mexican spot just outside of Yorkville. A random little spot in a residential area. But lets talk about the food...which was amazing! I've been eating a lot of Mexican lately, particularly gourmet tacos (so to speak), but this has been by far the best Mexican I've ever had.   

I'm pretty sure they specialize in fresh seafood (and if they dont, they should), but every thing was just so refreshing, light yet filling and delicious. And trust me, there was nothing more satisfying than that meal while sitting on a patio in 30 degree weather. 

I would recommend everything that we had today, the seafood salad, the short rib tacos, the fish tacos and especially the soft shell crab tacos! We also ordered crab legs, I'm not a crab legs kind of guy but everyone else seemed to enjoy it very much. And put some of the habanero/ chilli oil thats on the table on the tacos if you're the brave type. 

Shouts to Bev, Jonny, Sandrine and Wes for having us today. Let's do this again soon!



111 Dupont St  Toronto, ON M5R 1V4

(416) 929-3911