Lunch on Terroni's patio

If you've been following my blog than you know Im huge fan of the Terroni on Adelaide and I'm not particularly fond of the Terroni on Queen West. I just think the one on Adelaide is so much nicer. Nicer building, nicer interior, higher ceilings, more of an atmosphere...but then I discovered the patio at the Queen West location.

And I love patios. This one was pretty damn cool. It had a tree with like white flower petals that was blowing in the wind that made it feel pretty romantic and epic. It had a large umbrella to keep out the shade. A random tree that's growing diagonally across the patio where they hand lamps from. The walls are made of concrete and painted black wood panels. The decor is simple. But the best part about it is that I didn't even feel I was in the same place anymore. It feels super secluded and you feel super exclusive. lol.

Anyhow, if you're ever on Queen it. And if this was someone's secret date spot and I just baited out their scene? Oh well. lol.

And the food is amazing here as well. :)


720 Queen St W. Toronto, ON

(416) 504-1992