Life Cycles - Collection


Sometimes, I get really bummed out that my blog crashed, but at other times, Im also glad it did. The new blog gives me another chance to repost some of my most favorite photos. It reminds me of everything Ive been through. Ive been going through hard drive after hard drive, going through folder after folder, going through every photo and in most cases re-editing the originals because I hate how I edited them originally. And for the most part, Im re-writing my posts as opposed to just copying and pasting it. It's super time consuming, but Im really particular when it comes to my blog.

I found these pictures as I was going through my hard drive and thought it'd be cool to post these. These were actually taken back in the summer of 2010. The concept was basically, choose one of the interesting bikes that a certain bike connoisseur had collected and "frankenstein-ed" and shoot it however you would like, as long as the bike was in the shot in some way. 

My idea? Girls and bikes. Aint nothing like summer in Toronto.

Shouts to Milana, Veronica, Parveen, Stacy and Karen for all their time and awesomeness. And shouts to Jason Eano for having me a be a part of an exhibit with photographers that were all titans in comparison to me. It was a complete honor.