Valentine's Day Brunch and Short Films


With Benjamin here now, its definitely a bit trickier to go on dates or do romantic things. Thankfully for us, Julie's mother loves hanging out with Benjamin which allows us to get some sleep, relax and get some fresh air.

Although Valentine's Day is a bit of a sham and we can argue that its just a consumerist's holiday, it doesnt mean its still not fun.  

I used to say, "Valentine's day? Arent I supposed to treat you like this everyday anyways? I love you everyday. Why save it for just one day of the year? What the hell do I do for the rest of the year?"

But as I got older, I became busier and realized its a lot harder to be romantic or do special things after a long day of work. I mean we spend time together, have dinner together every night, go everywhere together, but its easy to fall into routine. Valentine's Day has become the day where I can drop everything and just focus on her and celebrate the love we have.

Besides, you wouldnt want your woman to be the only one of all her friends who had a shitty Valentine's Day right? If you're still together that means she's doing something right, right?

Today, Julie and I escaped the house for a few hours and grabbed some brunch at Moroco in Yorkville. If you've been to Moroco before than I dont need to say much. The atmosphere and decor is beautiful, the food is delicious and you feel like you're in Paris. 

After brunch, we headed over to the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) Bell Lightbox and watched the 2013 Oscar nominated shorts - a compilation of short films. Its pretty cool if you're into really creative and artsy animated films. 

The thing about short films thats so cool is that the directors have total creative freedom. Theyre not bound or restrained by all the politics of Hollywood and they dont have to get approval by 20 different people to work on their project. They just do and create as they please and I can appreciate that.

Happy Valentine's day to all y'all.

And happy Valentine's day to my fiance. Thank you for a beautiful day. I love you. 

Moroco Chocolat

99 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto



TIFF Bell LightBox

350 King St W, Toronto