Ka Chi for a late dinner


Julie's been bothering me to go to Ka Chi with her for over a year now but we've never had time. Well either that or we end up at Buk Chang Dong because thats her favorite Korean spot of all time. 

Luckily for her Potter, Adrienne and Q were headed there and invited us to join. 

I like Buks, but Buks only has 7 items on the menu. Ka Chi on the other hand has a much greater selection which I can appreciate. Im a man of variety. I dont want to feel forced to choose something when it comes to food you know? I might be watching my diet, but Im still a cow at heart. 

I honestly dont even know what we all ordered at the table, but I know that the pork bone soup I had was pretty damn awesome. And apparently, its their most popular dish.

Shout outs to Potter, Adrienne, Q and Julie for the good compan and the great meal.