In the Hills of Hollywood


Last year at this time, I was in Hollywood with Fresh, Addy, Rich Kidd, Fellz, Mac and Bryan.

Addy and Mac were having meetings with artists and labels in regards to Rich Kidd, Rich and Fellz were shooting a music video that was being directed by Brian, Fresh was styling Rich and I was giving him a photo shoot. lol. Sounds like a real production huh?

But Cali was only the first part of the trip. The Magic clothing convention was our second purpose.  

Ive been to California a whole crap load of times, but its always such a different experience. You got Melrose and Fairfax. You have the fancy bright lights on Hollywood Blvd. You got the high rises and the more urban life in Los Angeles. You have the beaches at Santa Monica, Venice and Manhattan. You have paradise in Malibu and the canyons just off the PCH. You have the suburban gated communities in Diamond Bar and then you have the epic feeling of being in the hills of Hollywood. 

You have the best of almost every world in Cali.

For this particular shoot with Rich, we decided to drive into the hills and do a shoot from the highest point. 

If you've ever driven up these hills, you know its not easy. The roads are super narrow with cars parked on both sides and there just one lane for both directions of traffic. All the roads twist and turn. Some roads go up and then just head down again. Some roads close because of the gated property. And trust me, reversing out is no joke. 

I dont even think we got to the top yet when I told the guys we had to get out to shoot.

But who needs the top when you have a scene like this.

The clouds looked all dramatic and the sun was setting which cast some good highlights for contrast and drama. Im not a particular fan of doing shoots on white walls in a studio. I prefer being in life. Settings add character and emotion to each shot. People usually dont inspire me when I have to conceptualize for shoots, the location usually does. But Ive always been a landscape/ documentation type of photographer. Ive never been a technical studio guy. I prefer life as it is and remember things the way they actually were. 

I remember it started to rain.

But none of us wanted to get back in the car. The view made us feel like a million bucks. I remember seeing the locals jog by and looking at the houses that had windows with this view. How could it not inspire you? Look at all the people who get to live your dream? Knowing what exists out there for you if you work hard enough keeps me going. Even if I never get it, its ok. 

Sometimes its not about being there. Sometimes its just about the journey getting there.

Those are the best memories.