Im officially breaking up with you...I just cant do this anymore.


I didnt want to do this online.

Ive been telling you...but you just dont get it. So maybe everyone knowing about it will help you get the picture.

It was beautiful while we lasted. I was really happy with you. Really happy. And I wont lie, I know Im going to miss you. I miss you every time I drive by your place now. But Im putting my foot down. I cant be with you a anymore. I love you but I just cant do this. Im tired of everyone telling me you're no good for me. Im tired of the way you make me feel. I really feel like you're bad for my health. 

I tried my best to ignore everyone, but everyone keeps telling me you're not who you say are. They say you're not real. There's only so much I can take.

So this is it. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, but Im sure there are others that will be there to comfort you. And yes, I knew. I always knew. You didnt think I really believed I was the only one did you? I might have been a fool for you, but Im no idiot.

So I guess this is goodbye. 

I dont want to cry for you no more. Find someone else to dip you in honey.

Farewell Chicken McNuggets.