Family Day at Glow @ Shops at Don Mills

Family day used to be Sunday for me but ever since I started at Muzik, its now Wednesday.  

Instead of heading to another mall like we usually do or just doing grocery shopping, we headed out east to Shops At Don Mills. If you know me, I usually dont ever go east of Yonge St unless its absolutely necessary. But I haven't been to Shops At Don Mills since it opened. Plus Im long overdue for a vacation and I figured since there are a lot of patios there, it'd be a pretty good option.

Minus the no palm trees, it felt like I was at one of the outdoor malls in Cali. It might suck shopping there in the winter, but it's pretty damn awesome in the summer!  The best thing was that every single restaurant and bar had a patio! So we choose the spot with the biggest patio, Glow. We ordered a couple pitchers of sangria and shared a bunch of stuff from the tapas menu. Although the food was great and the customer service was on point, it was the patio, the atmosphere and the vibe I loved most. Getting to actually sit in the sun while it was setting, the exotic plants, the courtyard that was beside us with all the kids playing, the grown ups learning salsa, the water park for I really felt like it was a good balance of the things I enjoyed with things that would keep my kid entertained. Now that I'm a parent, I guess I have to consider these things right? lol. 

Shit, I would have loved this place if I was a kid! lol. Even as an adult this place is pretty cool. lol. 

As busy as life gets for me, I do my best to spend time with my wife and my son. Although Benjamin will never remember any these moments, its ok. That's why we're taking photos. And knock on wood anything were to ever happen, he'll always know his parents loved him a lot.  

I know, its a bit intense for me to say something like that, but I really do feel like I live for my family now. I don't waste my time doing things I dont really want to, I dont waste time being mad at stupid people or seeking revenge on anyone who wrongs me. I dont have time to waste anymore. I barely have enough time to spend with the people I love, nevermind taking out some of that time for the people I dont like.

I just want to raise my son to be a strong man and give him a family that I never really had while I was growing up. I want to have some more kids, have a big house and show them the world, both figuratively and literally. Nothing else matters to me. 

I've never taken tomorrow for granted. So I try to take every moment I can today to let the ones I love know that I love them.  

Hopefully it always shows.