Derek Hui - Some shots from his most recent trip to LA


I usually wouldn't post content that is not mine, but I feel obligated to do so when it comes to great work of the students I once mentored. 

I would like to introduce you all to Derek Hui, a former member of my Lost Ones photography collective. Things didn't turn out the way I wanted due to my hectic schedule and lifestyle, but Im so happy to see the ones that really loved the art form continued to push on.

Derek decided to take a trip out to LA out of his own pocket to test his luck. He had no jobs lined up. No shoots. No nothing. All he wanted was a chance. He hit up some modeling agency in hopes to do a shoot while he was down there, but the way that most of the agencies work is that if you don't have a relationship with them or if you don't have a fashion portfolio, then you shoot for free in what they would call a 'test shoot'. If they like you, they'll bring you back later on and then you get paid. The models get a portfolio and so do you. 

So thats what Derek did. The agency sent him a couple of models and this is what he produced. He also assisted a photographer while he was out there too. These pictures are all from his recent trip to LA. 

I have to say, Im extremely impressed by Derek's work. Although I can't take the credit for his talent, I can be proud to have been his mentor, even if it was just for a short period of time. I might not have been able to do what I wanted for him through Lost Ones, but the least I can do is share and showcase his hard work and talent for everyone to see. It deserves recognition. I remembered how hard it was for me coming up in the scene without much help from other photographers. Photographers either hated because I was the first of a new breed or they were too busy to really take me on. Either way, I just wanted to be able to support my fellow photographers. I would hate to see another talented artist give up on their dreams because they had no idea where to go from here or because no one knew of them or their work. 

So if you dont know Derek Hui, get familiar and check out his blog here. 

Keep up the good work Derek. Im proud of you.