CNE 2013 - Where the hell did the summer go?

This post is obviously long overdue.  

I honestly try so hard to post things right away but sleep is huge luxury to me nowadays, never mind hours set aside for blogging. Anytime I blog I usually wake up as if I were still asleep and just zombie it the whole day. As always, Im going to make a better effort to go out and shoot and write again. Its just so much easier instagramming it is all.  

Anyhow, here are some of the shots I took while Benjamin, Julie and her girls and I went to the Ex this summer.  

I honestly dont know what I ever do at the Ex. I wander around, spend an hour finding a seat in the food building, wait 20 mins for food, eat it and then Im all sluggish. Then Im walking around lazily, not really gambling or playing games. lol. And then we all somehow get tired and walk our asses all the way back to the entrance we came in at and go home. lol. 

But somehow its always fun and I always do it again the year after. The Ex is just a Toronto tradition. Summer in Toronto just aint summer in Toronto until you get to the Ex. And you know the summer is damn near over when its CNE time. lol.

You gotta be from Toronto to really appreciate this place and I love it.

Peace and Love. 

T's and O's.