Chris and Geno's Early Birthday Party in Toronto


Im probably one of the worst secret keepers...well at least when it comes to other people's secrets.

Yea, it was expected that we would all be hanging out when Chris and the Heat came to town this weekend. But Chris wasnt expecting a surprise birthday celebration, since his birthday isnt for another 2 weeks.  

So of course when we're all sitting down, my dumbass goes...

"Was this supposed to be a surprise? I didnt know if we were supposed to hide under the table or not when you came."

"Why would it be a surprise?" says Chris.

"I dunno."

"I saw you guys in the window when I was walking by anyways."

"True. Just didnt know if it was a surprise for your birthday or not because Im the worst when it comes to surprises. Ive ruined many surprise birthdays before." 

I think everyone quickly changed the topic after I said that. Julie asks me what I want for my first course but hides behind the menu and says check your phone.

I get a message from Adrienne saying he doesnt know its his surprise birthday party!

...and like I said, here my dumbass was saying how I always ruin surprise birthday parties. lol.

We obviously break the news to him during our toast and feast away. After all the good eating and talk about sneakers and Jordans, the cake comes out, which is a pretty bad ass cake in my opinion! (Shout outs to Parisa, the cake was amazing!) Chris has been taking chef classes lately in case y'all wondering why the cake looked like that.

After dinner and a few glasses of wine, we head out of Sotto Sotto in Yorkville and head over to Spin Toronto where we continue our festivities with some ping pong. 

I figured Chris couldnt be good at everything and since Im Asian, I should be pretty decent by genetic defaults. He beat me three times...and whooped everyone else's ass too. lol. Sigh. 

To Chris, happy early birthday brother! Sorry for ruining your surprise birthday plans. lol. Im happy we could have done something for you in Toronto. Much love from your Toronto family!

To Geno, happy early birthday to you too. You're getting so old man! lol. I kid. Sorry we didnt get you more hung last nite. lol

To Adrienne, thank you for all that you do. I honestly have a great appreciation for you. Chris is blessed to have you as his wife, as I am to have you as a friend.

Shouts to Tamia, Sharon, Dan and Fresh. That was such a fun night. Lets do it again in Miami in 2 weeks! Shouts to Brock and Bryan for celebrating with us as well and shouts to Ryan at Spin for taking good care of us too.