Chilldren of the Willderness


I did this shoot almost 2 years ago.
Ive been saving it for an exhibit…or something. I loved the shots that I had, but I wasnt completely confident yet.

I thought they were cool as a collection, but I didnt think the set I had was enough to be showcased. I spent a lot of time going through collections of art from other artist and photographers and it certainly didnt help that I kept going through work from Matt Barnes and Greg Washington. 

Seriously, every time I see their work, I want to just throw my camera out a window or something. I felt like my work was disrespectful to the craft especially when I put it beside theirs. lol. Like how does one call themselves a photographer after seeing their work?

But back to the collection. For the images, I wanted a story, I wanted more variation, more girls, more costumes, more landscape.
Im not sure if I even had a particular concept in the first place, which only made the above mentioned wants more difficult. But I figured, just shoot and something will eventually come to me.

Shortly after this collection was shot, my life started getting really hectic. With shit going sour with me and P&P, then working on 28 Atlantic with Fresh and Brooklyn and then dropping it due to issues with the landlord, moving to Queen St W to work on 498, Forever Young Ink and then finding out Julie was pregnant…it was obvious I wasn’t going to finish this project anytime soon.

So instead of hiding this for years and waiting for it to be complete so I can MAYBE have an exhibit, Im just going to reveal it now.

Thank you to my lovely fiance, Julie and the homie, Dajana for an amazing job, dealing with my awkwardness and my make belief confidence while shooting and directing. Thank you for trusting me, my ideas and my ability.

This may very well be the last “artistic” collection that I will ever do.

Hope you guys like it.

IMG_8218 copy.jpg