I miss NY

I love New York, particularly Manhattan for reasons that are probably obvious to you. Everything about Manhattan looks like Gotham City...which is probably why its nicknamed Gotham. I love the old, tall, epic buildings with the faded painted signs on the sides of the buildings, the narrow streets and the smoke and steam that spews out of the sewer caps. I love the fire escapes on the side of every building. I love the graffiti and the beat up store fronts. I love the combination of urban decay and the giant lit up billboards. I guess watching so many movies about New York makes it feel like you're in a movie when you're there. You feel like you're on a giant movie set. King Kong was here. The cast of Friend's was over there. Will Smith lived here during I am Legend. Godzilla was at Madison Square Garden and Peter Parker is around here somewhere at the Daily Bugle. Somewhere around here is Sarah Jessica Parker with her 3 other dysfunctional friends talking about Sex and the CIty. 

Anyhow, as I start to repost some of my 'lost' trips (so to speak) back on the blog, you're going to notice that you see Tilt quite often. Tilt and I used to travel together once every 2 months or so for gigs. He'd be booked to DJ in whatever city and have me worked into his deal to come along and shoot. Beside's our Bahamas gigs, New York was definitely another favorite trip. I think Tilt had to spin at some private HP event at the Standard Hotel, so Tilt invited Lance, Brooklyn and I to join as well. We drove 9 hours through the night and surprisingly we made it with just one tank of gas (shouts to the diesel VW Jetta. lol). We stayed out there for 3 days I think. I miss partying out there and going to late night diners eating burgers and french onion soup. lol. I miss the shopping and all the dope fashion. Sadly I haven't been back to New York since then, which was back in 2009 or 2010. I can't remember. I seem to travel everywhere in the states except New York, I guess that's because I don't usually have worked lined up out there. Well lets hope I get back out there soon, whether it be work or leisure. 

And forgive the distortion and pixelation in all these pics. I was shooting with a Canon Rebel XT at that time and its not so great under low lighting conditions, which would explain all the giant grains in the photos.

Shouts to the homies, Tilt, Lance and Brooklyn. And make sure you follow all of them on instagram as well.