Capsule LA - my brother's dreams realized


I remember the day Vince told me he wanted to leave. He said that Addy and Chucky lined up something for him. He was going to go to LA and find a reason to stay. 

Ill admit, at the time I didnt think much of his trip. Not that I didnt take him seriously, I just didnt know if moving to another country to be a barber made sense. Why not just be one here? So I encouraged him to at least explore his curiousity. And if things didnt work out, at least he knows he gave it a shot and doesnt have to regret never going for it. 

Vince takes off. Leaves for 2 weeks. While hes out there, he tells me it was an amazing experience. That they want him to come back but he cant cut in California without a barber license. I figured he'd tell me some shit like, "Fuck that! Why would I waste my time and money getting a license when I can just do it here without it." but Vince's mind was set. He started planning how he'd get his license. But I also remember him telling me he met someone while he was out there. He said it was something special...I said how did you know. He said because they were both wearing Jordans on the night that they met. lol. What a guy. 

When he came back he told me about all his plans. I was still a bit doubtful, but I still encouraged him to follow how dreams. What could he lose anyways? Sometime and some money? Worse come to worse he can always come back home. Vince was working hard out here but he felt like he hit a glass ceiling. He needed more and I understood that. He deserved it. So I said go. If you can find a job and a place to stay go. Plus, there was the girl. lol. 

He stayed in Toronto for another month or so and headed out again. This time it was a one way ticket. He stayed with Chucky's cousin out in Diamond Bar and cut out in Pomona at Da Spot for about a year or so. He bought himself an old Integra that drove him home and back. As his barber career started picking up steam with house calls with athletes, actors and folks in the music scene, so did his relationship with the lady with the Jordans, Lyanne. 

I came out to visit Vince a few times during his first year. And although I loved California, I felt so lonely. Even when I was with Vince and whoever else. I guess its because I didnt know anyone from LA or anywhere cool to hang out. I felt homesick for Vince. I wondered if he missed his friends, his family or Toronto. It wasnt like Vince had been to Cali a shitload of times before moving out here. He took a leap of faith...and I admire him for that. I personally dont know if I could have ever made a move like that. 

After his first year at Da Spot he told me he was going to open his own barbershop on Melrose. I was like...already?! Damn son! Just be careful, get your shit sorted out on paper and make sure you know what you're getting into. Then he tells me hes gonna marry Lyanne! And Im like, for real?! Damn son. This guy moved to Cali and after a year opened up his own barbershop and found real love? I guess we are talking about the city of dreams huh?

Capsule's been open for almost two years now and Vince has cut damn near every celebrity - from Diddy to Busta, Big Sean to Tyrese, Chris Bosh to Dwight Howard, the Jabawockeez to the head honchos at Crooks and Castles. His list is actually super impressive. Its crazy to see him now and think about when he used to cut my hair in his parents basement during his lunch break in high school...and even crazier when I think about when we first met when we worked at a shoe store in the mall together where I was the sales guy and he was the stock boy who had braids down to his ass. lol

Its been a long time brother and Id be lying if I said I didnt miss having you around. Who's pool am I going to use now bro?! (inside joke). As you always know, Im proud of you. I admire you for taking the risk you took and Im happy for all the blessings you've received. Hopefully if all goes well, Ill join you out there in a few years. Wishing you continued success and happiness. Tell the wife I said hi and that you guys need to have a kid already! lol. Miss na miss ha! 

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