Bymark w/ the brothers


I dont go out to eat with Fresh and Dan as often as I used to. Being a father is an overtime job and it isn't so easy to escape sometimes. Luckily for me, the wife understands how necessary it is for me to be out and about, mingling, shaking hands and taking pics for the blog. 

So last night Dan, Fresh, Addy and I headed out to Bymark in the business district, an unlikely place for a couple twenty year olds who showed up in sneakers, hoodies and snapbacks. Addy manages a rapper, Fresh runs a clothing store, I run a tattoo shop and own a burger joint and Dan is a full time stunt man (lol), so this is our business attire. Anyhow, we showed up to Bymark and of course we were the only ones that weren't in a suit or a collared shirt. But thats ok, thats their business attire and this is ours. We're just a few young men who have old money taste is all. 

We took a booth and ordered some cognac and whisky while we debated over our appetizers and entrees. We ordered a soft shell platter, lobster poutine and shrimp tacos for appetizers. Now Bymark is well known for their steaks and their burger, but for some reason none of ordered the steak. Truth be told, I had already ate because I didn't know we were going out to dinner that early (in comparison to the times we usually go out to eat) and I think Dan, Fresh and Addy were so hungry for so long that some of their appetite diminished. But Dan and Addy got the burger anyways, which they obviously couldn't finish because it was quite massive - 8oz grass fed sir loin which is basically a steak in between buns. Fresh got surf and turf and because I wasn't too hungry, I just had the halibut. 

While our entrees were delicious and savory, the creme brulee donuts take the crown. I may be on a diet now, but before I was, I ate a lot of donuts and I dont think Ive ever had donuts so satisfying in my life. The donuts were fried to the perfect tender/ crispy ratio with just the right amount of creme brulee on the inside, candied pistachios on the side and a caramel sauce to dip it in. Now, I dont believe in dress codes unless its a special formal occasion like a wedding or something, but if Bymark told me I had to come back wearing a suit just to order those donuts, I would. I wouldn't even hesitate.   

But as much as we enjoyed the food, we weren't there just to eat. We were having a meeting. We're planning our next projects and the rest of our year. Good food and some hard drinks always gets the job done. But I wont share anything just yet. You'll have to wait. 

Shout outs to my brothers Dan, Fresh and Addy for another entertaining and productive evening. Its going to be a good summer gentlemen. 

And shouts to the staff at Bymark for the amazing customer service and making us feel right at home. We'll see you soon. 


66 Wellington St. W., Toronto