born again.


Sadly, the blog that I had been building for the last 6 years has been deleted due to reasons that were beyond my control. Its a long story and I wont get into it but Im going to do my best to replenish the posts to the best of my ability. I still have all the photos stored in a drawer full of hard drives. Some of the writing is saved and can be retrieved. But a large chunk of the blog is gone. 

Such is life right? Shit happens.

Although this blog was originally meant to serve as the photographic journal of my life and the growth of my generation, Ive come to see this more as a souvenir for my son (and my future kids). Fatherhood is beautiful and seeing the life you created through love is something I'd never trade in. 

I now have a new reason to live. 

And with that being said, I need to do what I can to stay healthy, safe and alive. And knock on wood, if something were to happen, at least my son will always know who his father was. 

So consider this the rebirth of Lost In The Willderness, which coincidentally is reincarnated as my son enters the world.

As corny as it sounds, maybe all of this was meant to mark the beginning of a new era for me. Either way, I hope I can still deliver quality content for all you guys, because if I can deliver quality content that that means Im still living good. So its a win win. 

So cheers to our new beginnings and the stories we're all writing. 

Peace and love.

T's and O's.