Before we did Thursdays on Queen West, we did Tuesdays in the Distillery.


Before Fresh and I moved to Queen West and started throwing parties with Lee and Landlord, we were working on our studio space in Liberty Village with Brooklyn and Mickey. 

And anyone who knows Fresh and I knows we love throwing little parties. Its not that we want to be promoters or anything like that, we just like partying the way we want to party. So we do it our way and share it with our peoples. 

The monthly Tuesday parties at Stirling Room was built to not only give us and our peoples to party together, but also as a marketing strategy. I believe in things done more organically and grassroots. Hang with your friends, build the relationships again whether it be at the party or after the party. The party is your reason for having them come out again, to catch up and open up lines of communications again...or for the first time. Find out whats going on in each other's lives and figure out how to break bread together or just find out how to live good amongst each other. Even though it may never always look like it, its a movement we're always pushing for. Consider these parties an informal meeting. lol. 

Shout outs to my business partners Fresh, Brooklyn and Mickey. Im sad things didnt pan out due to reasons we wont bring up. Im glad we had that moment in time. It might have cost us a pretty penny for the lesson we learned, but the brotherhood we shared during those few months is something I wont forget. 

Cheers to all that was to happen on 28 Atlantic and to us becoming better men after the fact.  

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