Badbadnotgood / Vice Magazine / HTC One Event at WrongBar


Last nite the fellas and I headed over to Wrongbar for the Badbadnotgood/ Vice Magazine/ HTC One Party. We dropped by a bit early since we were still heading to the club afterwards. I cant even front, I have no idea who the band was, but the line up for these guys was so long I actually felt dumb for not knowing who they were. 

Thank the lord we didn't have to wait in that line, because that line was still long when we left an hour later.

There was an open bar which we can probably thank the lord for again...and Vice Magazine. lol. Im just glad after all this time, and after the internet has taken over that Vice Magazine is still alive and relevant. So kudos to them.  In addition to the open bar, there was a little booth in the front where they had a promo team showing everyone the new HTC One phones with a little picture booth. I didnt get a chance to play with the phone but the camera on it is pretty dope in low light conditions, especially without a flash which is more than I can say for my Samsung Galaxy S3. But before I forget, shout outs to the DJ that was playing before the openers came on. I think his name was DJ Cameron. I hate when DJ's play all top 40 rap songs from 5 months ago and call themselves hip hop DJ's. But this guy was killin it with all the new tracks and stuff I've never heard before. So shout outs to the DJ. 

We wanted to stay until Badbadnotgood came on, but we only had enough time to stay for Raz Freshco to come on. We got to show love to whoever shows us love. Raz filmed his most recent video at the Get Fresh Company, so yo know we had to come through. Apparently Rich Kidd got on the mic too, but we missed that. Shouts outs to my brothers RIch Kidd and Addy by the way!

We had to dip early to head out to the second part of our night so we missed the performance but you can bet your ass that I googled Badbadnotgood when I got home. Im not sure how to classify their music, but it was like a blend of hip hop, jazz and other stuff. Theyre also well known for their collabs with Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean. And theyre also from Toronto!

If you havent heard them yet, check them out here. 

Make sure y'all check out Raz Freshco too. 

And I cant link everyone's ish without linking my family. Shout outs to RIch Kidd and check out his latest video here.

Toronto stand up. Its a fuckin great time to be from this city!