a letter to my unborn son


This post was originally written on October 8th, 2012.

Dear Son,

This is your father.

It is October 8th, 2012.

It is Thanksgiving and I felt it was only fitting to write you a letter today.

Although your mother is 6 months pregnant with you in her stomach now, I feel like Ive been waiting all of my life for you.

I used to be really scared and worried about the day you were born. I would always worry if I was ready. If I was going to be able to give you all the things I didnt have when I was growing up. If I was going to be able to give you a good life, a good home, a good mother...and a good father.

I lay beside your mother every night, watching her as she sleeps, resting my hand on her stomach. Waiting for you to kick. Sometimes I place my ear on her stomach and talk to you and tell you all the things I can't wait to do with you when you're born.

I cant wait to meet you.

I cant wait to hug you and hold you. I cant wait to cry when I see you for the very first time.

I cant wait to fall asleep beside you. I cant wait until you can finally speak so we can become best friends. I cant wait to wake up early with you on Saturday mornings and eat cereal and watch cartoons with you. I cant wait to walk you to school and play really loud music while dropping you off while everyone tells you, you have a cool dad. lol. I cant wait to fight off the monsters under the bed for you and read you stories and tuck you in. I cant wait to have you behind the counter at Gangster Burger taking orders. I cant wait to show you how to use a camera. I cant wait for Christmas and see the smile on your face when I dress as an Asian Santa Claus. Ive been thinking of all the toys I want to buy you, partially because I want an excuse to play with them too. I cant wait to teach you how to ride a bike and how to get back up if you fall. I cant wait for you to make the team, or win an award in school. I cant wait to hear about your dreams and all the things you'll do when you grow up. I cant wait for you to tell me about the first girl you fell in love with, and give you advice on how to win her heart. I cant wait until you get married, buy a house and have some grand kids for me to carry. I cant to see the man that you'll become.

I just hope that all the things I cant wait to see, happens.

I dont know how life will be when you're born, but I promise Ill always do my best.

I have a strange complex/ fear that something will happen to me just before the greatest thing in my life happens. Maybe, Ive watched the Bruce Lee bio pic too many times.

If for whatever reasons, I dont get the opportunity to teach you all the wisdom life and the people in my life have taught me, please always remember the following things.

Family is always first. Always love your mother, she is my everything. Make sure she's always happy. Look after your grandparents, they mean everything to your mother and I. If Im not around, you are the man of the house. Protect your mother and all your siblings. You are me.

Be a man of your word. If you say something, you must follow through. So choose your words wisely.

Trust, loyalty and respect. Value those things and only give it to those who have earned it from you. People will lie, deceive you and try to hurt you. Everything in life is a lesson. Never dwell. Learn from it and move on.

Never forget your roots and the people around you. You are a product of everything. Always be thankful and never forget where you come from. I hope you never forget your Vietnamese roots. Go to Vietnam, see your people. Understand the people who made your ancestors. Pass it on to your children. Tradition keeps us all alive.

Nothing in this world that is great is free. Nothing. And if it is free, its usually not worth much. Work for everything. Value is determined by the blood, sweat and tears you put into it, not the dollar sign.

When you finally find the woman you love, do your best to keep her. Good women are very rare. A good woman who will be interested in you is ever more rare, especially because they'll probably already be taken. There are a lot of ambitious women. There are a lot of smart women.

There are a lot of beautiful women. There are a lot of cultured women. But finding one with all those qualities is like finding a unicorn. If you find her and she happens to like you back (lol), marry her! Just please please please, make sure she's not crazy. If she complains, hates her parents, wines about everything, doesnt work or goes to school or do anything with her life, run. Run!

Dont always follow the crowd. Learn to lead. Be different. Inspire your generation. Change the world. Make history. Live forever.

Most importantly, always remember that love will get you through anything. Love is the only thing strong enough to help you overcome obstacles. If you get into an argument with your girlfriend, if you love her, you'll fight for it and make it work. If you get into trouble with your career and you really love what you do, you'll keep pushing and find ways around it. Without love, you will always bail at the first sight of trouble. Love will always guide you through it. Life is too short to ever waste time doing something you dont love.

There are no rewind buttons in life. We cant fix the past. We can only remember them. The only time travel we have is through photographs and videos (at least for now anyways). But beyond that, photographs, videos and stories create history and tradition. Leave something for your kids, and your kids' kids to remember.

Always live like today may be your last, and just because it isnt your last, doesnt mean it might not be someone else's. Something's only matter in a particular moment in time. Do what matters when it matters. Understand your priorities.

Always live life like you're going to make history. Greatness is never understood in its own time.

Maybe I watch too many epic movies, or movies with sad endings...and it definitely doesnt help that Im listening to "Time" by Hans Zimmer on repeat while I write this either, but I hope this letter finds you well. Whether you read this when you're 8 or your 80, daddy will always love you. Even before he met you.

lol. Im sure Ill watch the Lion King with you one day, but I sure feel like Mufasa talking to Simba through the clouds right now. lol.

You'll grow up to be great. I know you will be.

And for whatever reason, if the doctor was wrong and you're a girl. Daddy loves you too, darling.

I cant wait to meet you, kiddo. 3 more months.

Happy Thanksgiving and your lucky that your mom makes one helluva Thanksgiving dinner! Lucky you.

Ill see you soon.

Love always,

Your Daddy.