A letter to my 3 month old son.


I've spent almost 90 days with you now. There has not been a single day where I didn't see you, feed you, changed your diaper or put you to sleep. It's crazy to see how much you've grown since we left the hospital.

You talk all day now. Ain't nobody know what you're saying but I always respond to you as if you're telling me the story of the greatest adventure of all time. You slap my face and scratch my nose, pull my hair and grab on to my shirt every time I try to put you down. You let out loud sighs when you're tired and you randomly yell at me and especially to strangers when they try to talk you.

You're the sweetest and most serene whenever you take a bath and you look the cutest whenever mom puts shampoo on your head and face. It looks like you have shaving cream on.  

You've recently become fascinated by the fact that you have a hand and you stare at it for minutes at a time. Sometimes you stare so hard that you go cross eyed, with your tongue sticking out.

Your farts are the absolute worst and you always try to rip one whenever Im holding your legs up and wiping your bum. I think you plan those.

You pee all day now and as soon as your diapers a little wet you make us change it. I think you think you're parents are rich bro! You pee while Im reaching for a diaper and when I give you a dirty look, you laugh at me, coo and then kick and punch as if you accomplished your goal.  Oh yea, and sorry for all the times you peed on your own face while I was reaching for something. Especially that time it shot up your nose and you sorta choked for a second, went silent and then wailed!!! I won't lie, I felt bad for you but I couldn't stop laughing at you. Poor kid. lol.

Nowadays, since you don't poo as often as you used to, whenever you do now (which is once a day), its so much it goes up your back! lol. Trust me opening that diaper sometimes looks like someone spilt a whole pot of stew in there. lol. Graphic but true. Yea, laugh it up. One day when your mother and I are old, and we're wearing our Depends, you'll have to clean us up! And don't worry, we'll get you back.

I feel like we've been through so much together in the last 3 months, but the craziest thing about all of this is you won't remember any of this. You won't remember our random conversations about nothing, peeing in your own face or maybe giving me pink eye from farting in my face. I mean, I get it. You're a baby. You won't remember anything, but it doesn't mean I'm not a little sad that I'll be the only one to remember all these moments and you'll grow up oblivious to all the beauty of our right now. 

I guess that's why Im taking pictures and videos of everything right? I don't ever want to forget these precious moments. Not ever. 

You may not remember any of this later, but at least you'll grow up knowing that your mother and father loved you very much and that we cherished every moment of raising you. Parenthood hasn't been easy and I'm sure it only gets crazier from here, but I wouldn't trade this feeling in for anything in the world.

Mommy and Daddy loves you more than you will ever know.

Never forget that.