My Last Nite In Dubai

Sigh. Dan and Fresh are back in Dubai and unfortunately I wasn't able to join them on this trip.

These pics are from the second trip I made to Dubai last winter when I was out there for New Years Eve. I remember thinking my first trip to Dubai was awesome, but it was nothing compared to the second trip we made out there. The first time was dope but it was very tourist-y but the second time made me feel like I could live here some day. We got a better taste of the culture and the lifestyle. We found out what the young people do and where they go. But Ill post more about that another time. 

My first trip to Dubai was 11 days long but my second trip was 14 or 15 days. We did a lot of cool things while we were out there but I feel like we definitely saved the best for last.

Before heading out anywhere, we took shots and downed a bottle of Dom. We headed over to Dubai Mall where all the Emirates love to stunt in their cars and walked over to the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building) and took the elevator straight up to the 123rd floor to the Atmosphere Lounge which is the highest public view point in the world. We ordered some appetizers and sipped on some champagne while we marveled the view from 442 meters up. It might have just been a lounge in a very tall building, but I felt like it was a real achievement to be able to see the world from this high (excluding views from planes). I really felt like I was standing in the clouds. The venue was also gorgeous as well. Glossy piano finishes on everything. Glass, steel and lights. I felt like James Bond chilled here on his off days.

After we finished the champagne we headed over to the Address Hotel for some more drinks and cigars. I don't know how many of y'all have been to Dubai or plan to go to Dubai, but do make sure you visit Neos. The whole experience of even getting to the venue is sexy. From the secret valet in the back corner of an underground parking garage, to the security at the elevator, to the elevator that takes you to the dark and dreamy and very ambient elevator lobby that takes you to the second set of elevators that take you to the actual lounge. If you're trying to impress a date...this is a good spot. But when I think of it, all of Dubai is a pretty good place to impress a date. lol.  

Anyhow, Neos is high enough to get a beautiful view of Dubai including the Burj Khalifa. Its got high high ceilings, live entertainment, beautiful design elements and decor and just everything about it just feels super bossy.

Sigh...I really wish I was in Dubai right now. It's ok, Ill probably be there in June or July anyways. Shouts outs to Dan and Fresh. Hope you guys are having a blast. See y'all soon.