South Beach

When I used to think about Miami, particurlarly South Beach I'd think of spring break. Tons of young people who were always drunk and high wearing neon colors. Then I used to think of the Bang Bus' driving up and down the street filming. lol. And after Jersey Shore was there, I just thought it was douche town. I thought it was too corny and novel with all the colors and the architecture. I felt like it was one giant theme part for drunk folks. lol. 

Then again, all I had ever seen of Miami until Chris and Adrienne moved out there was only Ocean Drive. And although Ocean Drive is nice, thats not all of Miami. Being a tourist and going to Miami is very different from knowing someone who lives there. Which is pretty much the same in any city.

Last year while Julie and I were in Miami for Chris' birthday, we stayed at the Surfcomber Hotel on Collins. Sure it doesn't have the most intriguing name, but dont let that fool you (because it sure fooled me). If you've been to South Beach before than you know its full of older looking hotels that look outdated based on the exterior. Yea, there may be new paint and some new signage, but its not what we're used to when we think of fancy hotels. You think of glass windows from floor to ceiling, you think of big driveways and tons of flashing lights. Like I said, the hotels look pretty basic from the outside, but it's a whole different story on the inside. The Surfcomber was so cool and modern. It was fancy yet funky. You could feel the real youth in the decor. It's not like going into a Marriott or a Hilton and feeling like you're staying in a hotel full of old sophisticated business people. It felt young. Everyone who was walking in and out was young, fit and good looking...for a second I almost felt unworthy of being in the hotel. lol. 

Apparently we arrived just after the Ultra Music Festival. There was a giant party in our hotel for the past week and Dead Maus and Avicii were spinning in the back by the pool.

And you can't be mad at a hotel for having an Asian fusion restaurant downstairs that serves banh mi sandwiches! If you love Vietnamese food than I love you too. lol.

Something that I really appreciate about hot places is the outdoor shopping. Aint nothing like it. Lincoln Mall is basically a road that runs for like 6 or 7 blocks thats filled with retail, theatres and restaurants with patios on both sides of the walkway and in the center. If you think you have trouble wanting to leave the mall now, imagine shopping in sunshine, blue sky and palm trees. Who could be mad at that. 

And yes, Julie and I stopped by Sushi Samba - a Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian fusion restaurant that specializes in sushi and seafood. Julie made us try it because she saw it on Sex and the City. lol. Whatever, it was damn good!

While we were out there, Julie and I went on our very first ever yacht ride. Sigh. We took a ride through the intercoastal waterways. It was honestly one of the most relaxing and soothing little adventures I've ever had to enjoy. The breeze from the water, sun on your shoulders, sounds of crashing waves by your ears, palm trees and giant condos and hotels at the shore, liquor and food for your belly and jokes and laughs from the homies. Life is good.  

We also attended a Heat game while we were out there. Beyond seeing a friend play, its always much more fun to cheer for a team that wins. The vibe is different when the crowd that stands behind the team actually believes in the players.

But anyhow, as always, much love to Chris and Adrienne Bosh, Geno and the rest of the Miami fam. Thanks for the hospitality and thanks for always making us feel at home away from home.