Turks & Caicos w/ the Bosh Family


I guess its officially becoming an annual tradition for the Bosh family to take a summer vacation after the ball season ends. Last year we stayed at the Viceroy in Anguilla, and this part summer we went out to Amanyara in Turks and Caicos.

When I was studying at York University I took a course Caribbean history course. And after going to Jamaica and the Bahamas, I thought I had seen the Caribbean. I figured every other island would just be repetitive.

How ignorant of me.

Yea, the islands all have palm trees, beaches, sweet umbrella drinks, resorts with random middle class tourists and old English, Dutch, French or Spanish architecture. I mean there's more to the islands than Ive listed, but for the most part it felt pretty similar to me.  

But flying in on private jets into private airports on small quaint islands in the Caribbean and staying in a private villa, with your own private pool and private beach, your own personal chefs, and a house with 7 bedrooms, 10 washrooms and giant common areas all to your own is pretty bad ass. Even though Im in the islands again, it felt like a different world.

Its things like this that make me so happy to be a photographer. Whenever I experience extraordinary and beautiful things, I always wish I can share it with all my loved ones that didnt get to come with me to see this first hand. Although the pics I take give you a good idea of what I saw and experienced, it will never really do it justice. 

Sometimes, its so overwhelming that secretly, I feel like crying, but I gotta be a G around my homies. lol.

So this year, Ryan and I headed out to Miami where we were picked up by a driver and brought to the house. We chilled out and slept at the house for the night. The next morning we were off to the private airport and set off on our hour or so flight to Turks and Caicos. 

I remember last year's trip to Anguilla being mindblowing...and I didnt think we could beat it. But hot damn!

As soon as we got off we greeted by our hosts dressed in all white who helped us get into 4 different white range rovers. We drove through some random dirt side roads for 30 minutes until we arrived at the resort. The resort looked like nothing at the main gate.

And even when we arrived at the entrance of our villa it didnt look like much. We got out the car and was greeted by 3 ladies holding some sweet cocktails for us.

And then I made the left turn....

And Im sure I almost tripped over my jaw.

This is Earth? I didnt die on the way here? This isnt the afterlife?

Amanyara...damn yall did a nice job.

We stayed for 5 days or something like that. Woke up, had breakfast, hit the beach for some activities, had lunch, head back to the beach, had dinner, hit the pool, watched movies together or waged a full out water balloon fight that would last 3hrs. Got tatted, told ghost stories while getting wasted on Ciroc. Just enjoyed good fun. 

5 days of absolute peace and good company amongst great friends.

Ah. I want to bring my family back here some day...I better start making that money fast! Lemonade stands and car washes in Speedo's here I come!

As always, thank you to the Bosh family - Chris, Adrienne, Geno, Aprille, Tamia . You have no idea how much these experiences mean to me. Shouts to Ryan for all the ghost stories that had me tripping the whole trip. And dont worry Julie, you're coming this summer!