1 Year Anniversary of My Retirement from Event Photography

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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my retirement from event photography. 

Its been a weird adjustment for sure. Getting used to being free on the weekends is definitely something new to me. But I have no complaints. Since Ive retired, Ive gotten engaged, opened Gangster Burger (which Boston Pizza offered $1.1 million for in our first week), Im now a father to a beautiful baby boy and Im a part of the illest weekly party in the city.

Progression was my intention. I outgrew my role and absorbed all the resources in the industry. The only way I was going to grow was to leave my comfort zone and build off my knowledge and tools that were acquired through the years. It was a gamble to leave the most consistent job I had ever had to explore something new, but I truly believe love always finds away. Do what you love and you'll always come out successful. Because if you dont love what you do, you'll bail at the first sign of trouble. 

Event photography allowed me to shoot lookbooks, be on music video sets, travel every month to all sorts of places around the world, got me all sorts of free stuff, got me on TV and cameos in music videos, got me my nickname in Drake's "Im Still Fly" remix. It allowed me to be a creative director on all sorts of projects and manage two successful tattoo shops, meet and work with all sorts of celebrities and VIP treatment where I went. Its crazy that a camera could have done all of this for me. 

To everyone who supported me during those 7 years of non stop working, no sleep, no days off and insanity, thank you. I am so grateful to all of you. This might be the Screwface Capital, but Ive never received anything but love from my city and for that I am indebted to my city. 

Thank you to Spexxx, Dre, Kade and Tech for being the very first guys who put me on. I will never forget our glory days. Shouts to Addy, Fresh, Wristpect, Lance and Mickey for pushing me to make the best of my resources and throw our own parties. Guys and Dolls will always be the craziest party Ive ever done. Shouts to Drake for nicknaming me Photo Will. Of course to Janet for introducing me to the industry's night lifestyle, Shouts to Dan, T-RexXx, Brock, Lo, Mona, RT, Skam, Ashley MacIntyre, Bryan Espiritu, DJ Tilt, Gavin, Drex, Noah, Amanda and the rest of my Remix Project Family, Jason Johnson, Coco and Lowe, Tien, Junior, Niko, Future the Prince, the whole OVO Camp, P-Reign and Reps Up, Sal, Manny and the whole CP crew, Che Kothari, HustleGRL, Chris and Adrienne Bosh, Geno, Jack V, Abby Tobias, Lissa Monet, Arthur, Brazen Hussy, my Concrete Willderness/ Lost Ones photography crews, Lee Baxter and the FY Ink Crew, Adrian Forte and the Gangster Burger Crew, Rob, Ryan, Mikey, Ray, Clay, Elisa of my original P&P crew, Sid Singh, Sergio and Mark of Kleen Media, Mikey, Greg, Ed, Q, Jay, Avi, Kevin, Sean Getti and the Inquiring Mind family, Vince, Seven, Sherwin, Moe, Dame and Mon, Director X, Jerome and Taj of Maximum Ent, Oliver and Ransom, Trevor, Peter and the Goodfoot Crew, the Los, Andy, Hector and the Livestock Crew, Landlord, Kamakacci Juice, Ill Kidz, Jon Jay, Brooklyn, Cash and Fab, Charlie Brown, the Status Toronto Crew, Hadi, DJ P-Plus and whole shit load of DJ's and MC's that I cant remember right now. And of course, last but not least, thank you to Julie and my family for being understanding and supportive through the years. 

I hope I didnt forget too many other people. Sorry if I did. 

Thanks to everyone for seeing something in me that I never knew existed. Thanks for letting me make history with y'all. It's an absolute honor. 

Cheers to us and all we've achieved as a city. I hope I've made my son proud.
*Will tips his hat. 

T's and O's.