1 LOVE TO x Caribana 2012


Caribana is probably Toronto's most well known cultural festival...damnit, it might be the most well known thing about Toronto.

I remember shooting the 1 LOVE TO float this past summer. I remember being exhausted, drained, beat and hammered as hell. lol. Imagine over 8 hours or marchin', chippin', dancin', winin', jumpin', shoutin', screamin', drinkin' and partyin' with a ton of half naked people while you're drenched in sweat as the sun beats on you! Its fuckin hectic!

If you're every in Toronto during the end of July/ beginning of August, make sure y'all come out! It might not be carnival in Trinidad or Brazil, but this may be the best North American parade you'll ever get to experience!

Shout outs to Fresh and Dan, Brock, T-RexXx and Lo and to Brendan and the Society Brand from Boston! Cant wait for next year!

And here's some video footage of the parade I took a few years back with the homies Nicholas Boss and RJ.